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We at Fishaholics Anonymous Northwest are here to help those suffering from Fishaholism. This is a 12 Step group specifically created not to help cure the disease, but instead to help "FEED THE ADDICTION!"

We are a regional group so please focus on fishing in the Northwest. This means Halibut, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, and Bottom fish, with a sprinkle of Perch, Bass and Walleye!

Also: Clamming, Crabbing and Shrimping.

If you have any Fishaholic friends, and they are denial please feel free to invite them to join our Northwest Fishing Forum.

Here are the basic posting rules!

Step #1 - Feel free to post Northwest fishing photo's and videos!

Step #2 - Share fishing reports!

Step #3 - Give constructive feedback and advice to fellow anglers!

Step #4 - Share set up and rigging techniques!

Step #5 - Share your favorite fishing gear!

Step #6 - Share your favorite fishing techniques!

Step #7 - Fish More often!

Step #8 - Meditate by Creating your own gear!

Step #9 - Before advertising in this group you must have permission from the admin. Those who promote their goods and services without permission will have their post deleted. Repeated infractions will result in the member being banned.

Step #10 - We are a family friendly group so keep it clean! THIS IS NOT A PORN FORUM! and no one here cares about Kim Kardashian's back side. Post it! you get BANNED!

Step #11 - No bashing other members! Unless they deserve it! We are not here to monitor every squabble that comes along, most of us are adults here and we will give you the room to work things out among yourselves. If however someone is abusive to another member you get Banned!

Step #12 - Whatever is said and done here, stays here;)

These steps may be refined on occasion but we will strive to keep it simple. We hope to be one of the best fishing groups on Facebook and look forward to welcoming you into our online community.

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